10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019

The year 2019 has been the best year in the Smartphone segment. We all have seen many interesting and important Mobile innovations. The number of smartphone users in the world has crossed 2 billion in 2019. Smartphone manufacturers are doing their best to come up with even more tech innovations for the mobile phone market. In this article, we are going to tell about 10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019 leading from 5G Networks to Foldable Screen technology.

You may have heard about the new flexible display smartphones. It may seem like a wonderful innovation but I can think of many other innovations that I’d prefer to hear about. It is sure that we are pushing the limits with curved phones, but there are other mobile innovations that are also in development. There are many innovations that carry more purpose and are more desirable. Now let’s begin with 10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019.

10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019

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1. 5G Phones

5G technology is still under development phase even though you may still be struggling to get 4G or LTE speeds. The infrastructure is still in the very early stages of development. Still, the phone makers used it as a selling point for the flagships of 2019.

You might actually not get a 5G signal over the next 12 months. But when you see that 5G sticker on the box of your next smartphone means you’ve got a device future-proofed for the years ahead.

Many Smartphone companies had confirmed that they’re going to be introducing 5G technology during 2019. For example – OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, etc.

So what exactly the advantages of 5G technology? To learn about the 5G technology click here.

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2. Evolution of Notch screen

10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019

It is was the iPhone X who started the trend of the Notch screen display. Before that, the front display notch wasn’t something phone makers gave much thought, but now it’s everywhere. The notch became necessary for the phone manufacturers in order to shrink the display bezels down to almost nothing. But when it came to front cameras, a cut out was necessary.

3. Artificial Intelligence

10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019

If we are talking about the important innovations of 2019 then I think that without talking about Artificial Intelligence, the whole topic is incomplete. Most of the smartphone processor chips in today’s world have dedicated components for artificial intelligence i.e. AI calculations. Therefore this means they can handle the tasks specifically suited for machine learning. Your phone will be able to recognize a cat and a dog in a photo or will be able to tell your voice from anyone else’s.

4. Increase in the number of camera lenses

10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019

Over the past year, we all have seen that manufacturers are making the smartphone camera-centric. Well, it looks like they have latched on to the idea that big jumps can still be made in the area of camera lenses. First, we saw the dual-lens camera, then we had the triple-lens camera, then the quad-lens camera came, and next year we could even see it go way beyond that.

But why do we need all these extra lenses? Well, each camera has its own function to do. Like one camera would be for optical zoom, second will do background smoothing, third will take macro shots and then we have the main camera for optical zoom.

5. Foldable phones

10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019

Yes, you read it right. Smartphone technology has moved even further. Now you will be able to fold your display just like you fold a notebook. The display is going to be expensive and chunky. Samsung was the first who showed a prototype foldable smartphone. And Samsung was not alone. Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, revealed during the launch of the Mate 20 that his company was also working on a foldable phone.

Android is also working on providing support for screens that shift in size in preparation for a new wave of devices.

If you are interested, we have given the unboxing video of this beautiful smartphone also in the below link –

Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing

6. Better batteries

We all know that smartphone batteries die fast and sometimes at the worst possible moment. Manufacturers have already recognized the problem. They have been working hard to give us powerful batteries with more charge cycles and longer-lasting battery life. Nowadays, we are seeing smartphones with a big battery capacity from 400mAH to 5000mAh. The provision of a Bigger battery is one of the 10 Important Mobile Innovations of 2019.

We are also seeing fast charging support provided by many of the manufacturers such as Xiaomi, RealMe, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Just imagine a perfect future where a smartphone with big battery charges in just five minutes but lasts for a full day! That would be amazing, isn’t it?

If you are having trouble with your smartphone battery life, we recommend you read this very interesting article How to Extend the Smartphone battery life?

7. Wireless Charging

Another important innovation that took place in 2019 is the concept of Wireless Charging. Yes, wireless charging. This means that you longer have to connect to a cable to charge your phone. Wireless charging is the process of charging devices that run on battery power. It does not need a wired electrical connection. It enables wireless transfer of electrical charge from a charging device or to the recipient device.

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Some of the smartphones that support Wireless Charging are:-


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1. Apple iPhone XR (64GB)


3. LG G8X ThinQ

4. Nokia 9 PureView

5. Huawei P30 Pro

8. Stronger Screens

We all want to protect the display of our phone from getting damaged. Now the phones need stronger screens because we’d of course like all parts of the phone to be intact after a bad fall. But not worry, the good news is that mobile devices of the future may come with stronger screens that are made of materials like sapphire. Corning is also working on Gorilla Glass 6. This new Gorilla Glass 6 survives higher drop heights than Gorilla Glass 5 and also survives repeated drops.

Gorilla Glass 6

“The importance of glass for a smartphone has increased than ever in the industry. It’s not only on the front but also on the backside of the smartphone. It can also be used as a design element on the backside of the device. It enables wireless charging and higher data rates like 5G. In reality, Glass is 100 percent the future of the smartphone industry,” Bayne says.

9. Depth-Sensing Cameras

The latest depth-sensing cameras allow handheld 3D scanning, augmented reality games, and better photo-capturing capabilities. It is also another creative Mobile innovation of 2019.

Depth Sensing

Occipital, the Israeli company behind Structure Sensor (the first mobile depth-sensing technology), has already developed apps that will enable you to scan objects or even the entire room in 3D.

10. The concept of eSIM

The full form of eSim is Embedded SIM card. It is a small chip inside your smartphone that removes the need for physical SIM cards. A phone that has an eSIM inside it will be beneficial for the user particularly when switching network providers. The information stored on an eSIM is re-writable. Therefore, it means that if you decide to change to a different network carrier this can be done with a simple phone call. You don’t have to wait for a new SIM card to arrive in the post to replace the old SIM card.

The new eSIM will also keep the old number automatically. It became very easy to connect multiple eSIMs together.

The latest iPhones such as iPhone XS and iPhones XS Max support eSIM technology. Google Pixel smartphones also support this technology. But unfortunately, only 10 countries have adopted eSIM technology at the moment. These include the UK, US, Germany, Canada, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia, Hungry and India.

Right now, it is unclear when the eSIM would become popular all over the world. However, from the security point of view, the eSIM has many benefits.

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