How to customize the Windows 10 Start Menu?

The desktop-style Start menu is finally back in Windows 10. The Windows 10 Start Menu is the central hub for everything. After a lot of negative feedback related to the start menu of Windows 8.1, Microsoft finally ditched the Touch-screen type Start menu and went with the old style but with some major upgrades. How to customize the Windows 10 Start Menu?

This new Start menu looks familiar at first glance but it consists of a lot of new features and functionality. There are plenty of ways to customize the Windows 10 Start Menu.

In this article, you’ll learn how to customize the Windows 10 Start Menu even more and get the best out of it.

Resize Windows 10 Start menu

The coolest feature of the Start menu is that it can be resized very easily. If you don’t like the default view and think that it is too tall and narrow, just use your mouse pointer to drag from any edge of the Start menu the same way we change the size of any other screen, and it will be resized in real-time.

customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
Start Menu Resize

Move, Resize, & Remove Start Menu tiles

Another coolest feature of the start menu is that all the tiles in the menu can either be moved or resized.

1) First, right-click on any of the tiles which you want to resize.

2) Then, select the Resize option if you want to change the size of the tile.

3) Now, to move a Tile, simply click, hold, and drag it.

4) If you want to remove the tile from the list simply click on “Unpin from Start“.

customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
Tiles Resize

Add new items to the Windows 10 Start Menu

Suppose, you find yourself using a particular application more than most, and you have to search it every time to open it, then instead of wasting your precious time on searching, you can just Pin that particular app to the Start Menu and that’s it.

1) Click on Windows Key. Then under the “All Apps” list, just right-click the application, then select “Pin to Start“.

2) From now on, this application will be accessible in the right pane of your Start menu.

customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
Pin-to Start

Shutdown, Sleep, Restart from the Start Menu

In the past version of Windows 10 i.e. Window 8.1, power options such as “Restart,” “Shut Down,” and “Sleep” have migrated from the Start menu to the sidebar.

But in Windows 10, these options are right back where they should be i.e inside the Start Menu.

To restart, Shut Down, or set your PC in Sleep mode, click the “Power” entry in the Start menu, then choose your preferred option.

customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
power options

Note:- You can also choose to hibernate but that setting is not given by default. I have enabled this on my PC. You, first, must enable it from the Power Options. If you want this option, you can refer to the article Windows 10 Hibernate Option in Start Menu.

Search from the Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 allows the user to search from the menu. You can search for any file, folder, music, photo, an application such as Cortana, etc.

1) Simply, click on the Windows key button from the left side corner of Task Bar.

2) Then, start typing the name of the file you want to search and leave the rest to the Start menu.

customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
Start Menu Search

Change the Start Menu and Tiles Color

If you’re bored with the default color of the Start menu, then you can customize the color very easily by following the steps mentioned below:

1) Go to the Windows Settings button which is present in the Start Menu.

2) Once the Settings windows open up, find Personalization and then click on it.

3) Finally, click on the Colors Option. From there you can change the color of the Title bar.

4) You will see the change in the Color on run-time.

customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
Start Menu Color
customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
Start Menu Color

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