Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has now finally provided the dark mode. It has been requested by the users for a very long time now. But now the wait is over. Now you can easily switch your WhatsApp theme from “Light Mode” to “Dark Mode”. Now one of the main advantages of the dark mode is that Darker screens also use less power. If your device has an AMOLED display, then this dark mode will be a huge benefit for your battery power consumption. Also, it just looks cool and it’s always good to have more options. This guide will show How to enable dark mode WhatsApp?.

Enable dark mode in WhatsApp

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How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp in your Device?

To enable this beautiful dark mode in your WhatsApp messenger, just follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Open your WhatsApp messenger. Tap the More options dots icon from the right side of the WhatsApp. Then click on the option “Settings”.

Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp
WhatsApp Setting

2. Once you have entered into WhatsApp Settings, tap on the option “Chats”.

Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp
WhatsApp Chats

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3. Then you will find the option “Theme“. Tap on it and a pop up will appear which will give you three theme options –

  1. System default
  2. Light
  3. Dark
Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp
Theme Options

From there select the “Dark Mode” and finally press OK and now you switched your WhatsApp messenger from Light mode to Dark Mode.

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What are the advantages of Dark mode in WhatsApp?

There are many advantages of selecting the “Dark Mode” in place of the default “Light Mode”. Some of them are as follows-

1. It’s easier on the eyes, especially in the Night.

2. If your smartphone has an AMOLED screen, then this dark mode will help you save your device’s battery power. It means it will help you a lot in power consumption.

3.  It helps users to focus on each screen easily as it reduces eye strain.

4. And moreover, people who use WhatsApp loves the Dark Mode.

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