WhatsApp now comes with Fingerprint lock

WhatsApp now has become one of the most popular instant messaging apps. It has a long list of features and supports a wide range of devices. And now, the WhatsApp development team has given the users another reason to choose their service over the competition such as Snap, Viber, Telegram, etc. WhatsApp now officially supports fingerprint lock on Android devices.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp rolled out a similar update for iOS devices. And now, this same feature is making its way to Android devices.

WhatsApp Now comes with Fingerprint lock
WhatsApp locked

Although many smartphones, nowadays, are giving APP LOCK feature in-built in the OS. But if you don’t want to use that then you can for the WHATSAPP FINGERPRINT LOCK method.

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This is a new security measure that the WhatsApp team has welcomed for its users that can further protect the conversations. Do not worry, blocking doesn’t mean that it blocks your incoming calls or else, it just blocks the WhatsApp from opening. You will still be able to receive WhatsApp calls and messages.

How to Enable Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp?

To enable fingerprint lock in WhatsApp is very easy. Just read the article carefully so that you don’t miss out on any step.

STEP 1 – Go to Settings

Open your WhatsApp application. Tap the More Options dots icon. Then tap on the option “Settings“.

WhatsApp now comes with Fingerprint lock
WhatsApp Setting

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STEP 2 – Go to Privacy Settings

Once you have entered in the Settings screen, you will an option Account. Tap on the given “Account option” and then tap on Privacy.


STEP 3 – Go to Fingerprint Lock Settings

Once you have the privacy settings, scroll down to the option “Fingerprint Lock“. Then tap on it. Then Enable the fingerprint lock options as shown in the image below,

WhatsApp Now comes with Fingerprint lock
Enable fingerprint lock

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FINAL STEP – Configure Fingerprint Lock Settings

After you have enabled this option, WhatsApp will ask you to confirm the Fingerprint. After that, you will see three lock settings – (Immediately, After 1 minute and After 30 minutes).

Confirm Fingerprint Lock

Just choose your desired option and you are good to go. You have finally enabled Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp.

Suppose you have chosen the option “Immediately“, then the next time you open your WhatsApp, you’ll see something like this –

WhatsApp Now comes with Fingerprint lock

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