How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10?

BIOS stands for Basic Input / Output System. It also referred to as UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) firmware on newer versions of computers. BIOS is a Windows setup utility that connects your computer’s firmware to the operating system (OS). It also helps to check the health of your device’s hardware and also helps your computer to boot. Basically, BIOS is installed at the time of manufacturing and is the first program that runs when a computer is turned on. This guide will help you to understand How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10.

How to enter into Windows 7/8/10 BIOS?

Sometimes, you get yourself into a situation where you need to perform some changes in the BIOS such as-

  • Change the boot device order.
  • Enable hardware components
  • Change system time and date
  • Change other basic computer settings
  • Disable Num Lock Key from BIOS

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There are basically two ways to enter BIOS whether it is Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 as follows-

  • How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10 from Settings?
  • How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10 using the BIOS key?

How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10 from Settings?

This is the easiest way by which you can enter your computer’s BIOS. In this method, you have to enter into the Advanced Options Window. From there you can easily enter into BIOS.

Here are the steps-

STEP 1 – Open Start Menu and click on Settings

How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10?
Windows Settings

STEP 2 – Select the option “Update & Security”

How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10?
Update & Security

STEP 3 – Click on the “Recovery” option

This option is present on the left side panel as shown in the image below-

How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10?
Windows “Recovery” Option

STEP 4 – Under the Advanced Startup click on “Restart now”

How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10?
Advanced Startup

STEP 5 – Select Advanced Options

After step 4, your computer will restart and will enter into the Windows recovery environment.

Once it restarts, you see a blue pop-up screen. You can click as follows: Troubleshoot -> Advanced options to enter into Windows Advanced options screen.

Advanced Options

STEP 6 – Select UEFI Firmware Settings Option

UEFI Firmware Settings

STEP 7 – Click on Restart

After clicking on “Restart”, your computer will take you to the BIOS menu. And that’s it. You are done.

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How to enter BIOS Windows 7/8/10 using the BIOS key?

Every manufacturer provides a hotkey on the keyboard by which you can enter into BIOS directly on restart. If you hit the correct BIOS hotkey when the computer is powering on, you will be able to enter into the BIOS menu Windows 10/8/7. The detailed instructions are mentioned below.

Boot your computer by pressing the power button and if it is already booted then restart it. When the Windows logo appears, press and hold the correct hotkey before the computer is booted properly. And do not release the function key until you see your computer’s BIOS screen.


Now here is the tricky part. Not all manufacturers share the same BIOS hotkey. Different computer brands may use different BIOS hotkeys. Most of them use the Delete key, but some are different. You can also check if there is a message during the Windows startup which tells you to press which key to enter BIOS. F2 and Delete are the most common.

If you are not sure about your computer’s BIOS hotkey, we strongly recommend you to go through your computer’s manual or you can also ask the customer care about it.

For example,

  1. Dell PC uses the Delete or F12 key.
  2. You can press F2 for all Asus PCs to enter BIOS
  3. F10 for HP PCs
  4. F1 for Lenovo desktops
  5. F5 or F8 for SONY laptops, etc.

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Once you enter BIOS, you can use the keyboard to navigate the menus and change the settings for your computer hardware. You can also use mouse but we have seen that in old BIOSs the mouse doesn’t work. In that case, use your keyboard navigation keys i.e. the 4 arrow keys.

Once you have pressed the correct BIOS hotkey, you might see this kind of window as shown in the image below-

Enable Num Lock On restart or startup in Windows 10
Windows 10 BIOS

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