How to Extend the Smartphone battery life?

The battery life of any device usually degrades over time. It can never be the same. If you’ve had the same smartphone for over a year, the battery life probably isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, companies are launching smartphones with non-removable batteries. That means the user can neither access the battery nor replace it. That includes all the iPhones and many other flagship Android phones from brands such as Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc. The official battery replacements can be very expensive or inconvenient. But there are plenty of ways to get some extra juice out of your current device and save your cash as well. In this article, we are going to show some tricks on How to Extend the Smartphone battery life?

Extend battery Life
Extend battery Life

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Extend the Smartphone battery

If your smartphone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled, but you’re not connected to anything. What will happen in this case? Your phone will drain the battery faster trying to find a new connection. Try switching off Wi-Fi to keep your battery going a little longer if not in use. The same goes for Bluetooth. Whenever you’re not connected to any wireless device whether it is a speaker or a headphone, just toggle it off. This will Extend the smartphone battery life.

Extend the Smartphone battery life
Wifi Bluetooth toggles

Lower the screen brightness to Extend the Smartphone battery

One of the worst culprits in lowering the smartphone battery is its display. Whenever it’s on, you’re losing precious battery power. The brighter your screen is, the more battery will drain.

Therefore, if you want to save your battery, then you must lower your screen brightness from the quick settings menu. There are basically two ways by which you can do that.

1. One way is to do it manually.

2. The other way is to set the screen brightness to Auto-Brightness Mode.

Extend the Smartphone battery life
Screen Brightness

Turn off Location Tracking to Extend the Smartphone battery

Many apps such as Google Maps really do need to know where you are to function, but others like Facebook, browser, Whatsapp, etc. probably don’t. Therefore, by turning off location services for the apps that don’t need it can help extend your battery life. For this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to see which apps are tracking you. Then turn off location sharing for those apps.

If you want to turn off location sharing for every app, then just toggle off the Location from the Notification Bar itself. This will help you to extend the smartphone battery life.

Extend the Smartphone battery life
Location toggle

Reduce the number of notifications to Extend the Smartphone battery

Almost every app installed on your smartphone is going to want to notify you about something at some point. Some notifications are useful while some of them aren’t. But this will wake the screen each time, draining your smartphone battery very fast. But there is no need to worry. There is a way by which you can disable the notifications of those apps from which you don’t want to receive notifications.

1. Just go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all apps.

2. Then, Scroll through the list, find the app from which you don’t want to receive any notifications, choose Notifications and disable the toggle for Show notifications.

Disable Notifications
Disable Notifications

Check for system updates to Extend the Smartphone battery

The third-party apps are not the only one to blame for consuming more battery power, the operating system itself on which your phone runs is also a source of battery drain.

Google is always working to improve Android’s efficiency. That’s why they routinely send out updates over-the-air. But this is helpful only if you install them.

In order to do so go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update to check whether any updates are waiting to be applied.

Now in the latest android versions, you may not find the system update by the exact name. You may find it as Software Updates directly under the System Settings menu.

Software Updates
Software Updates

Switch On Airplane Mode to Extend the Smartphone battery

Your smartphone device will always try to connect to a cellular network when possible. This can put a strain on your battery if you’re in an area with limited or no network. In that case, switching on Airplane Mode in Settings will stop this from happening.

In the Airplane mode, you won’t be able to make or receive calls. But believe me, it is a solid solution. I too use it.

Suppose, if you are in a meeting and you know that it is going to take 3-4 hours. And within that period of time, you are not allowed to use your cell phone. Then, in that case, turning on the Airplane Mode is the best solution to save your precious battery power.

Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode

Restart your Smartphone to Extend the Smartphone battery

Restarting your phone sometimes works. If you haven’t restarted your phone in a while then you must do it. This is because your phone keeps the apps running in the background which may drain the battery faster.

Clear out recent Apps to Extend the Smartphone battery

Your smartphone is built in a way that even if you’re not using an app, it can keep it running in the background. Androids allow you to multitask. This means that there could multiple applications running in the background. This drains the battery very fast.

But you could solve this by either clearing the background recent apps or stopping the individual app from the settings menu.

Tap either the “Manage Applications”. Go down the list and tap any you’re not using, then “Force Stop” or “Stop”.

Force Stop
Force Stop

To clear the recent apps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen a hold for two seconds. Then you will see an ‘X’ icon in the bottom. Hit that button in the circle and you are good to go.

Clear Recent apps
Clear Recent apps

Enable smart power-saving modes

Smart Power saving modes totally depends on your manufacturer that goes beyond anything available in Android by default.

In battery-saving mode, your smartphone manages the phone’s various power-sapping features. For example, it might prevent apps from updating in the background, dim your screen, turn off vibration, etc. As soon as the phone switches to this power-saving mode, the longer its battery will last.

Just go to your battery settings and you might find the smart power saver mode there. Enable it and do the rest. This will help you extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Smart power saver
Smart power saver

Check for app updates

Update your applications from Google play store regularly. These updates routinely offer patches and bug fixes that can help them to run better and more efficiently, too. You could either update them manually or set the Automatic update in Google play store. This could also help you extend battery power.

Auto Update
Auto Update

Turn off vibration in the phone

The Haptic feedback is a great option for alerting you to incoming notifications and calls. But do you really need it? It uses a lot amount of battery power to shake your phone, so reduce that power usage by switching it off when not required.

Go to Settings > Sound. In the sound settings, you will see the option “Vibrate on Incoming Calls“. Just toggle it off and you are good to go. This will help you to Extend the Smartphone battery.

Vibrate on incoming calls
Vibrate on incoming calls

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