How to forward messages in WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, the forward feature allows you to forward messages from a private or group chat to a different individual or a group chat. All the forwarded messages are indicated with a “Forwarded” label. This helps you recognize if your friend or loved one wrote the message they sent or if the message originally came from someone else. Here we will show you how to forward messages in WhatsApp?.

When you forward a message, you’ll share it with up to 5 chats on just one occasion. When a message is forwarded repeatedly, it can only be forwarded to at least one chat at a time.

Forward a message

  1. Open your WhatsApp messenger. Open an individual or a group chat, tap and hold the message you want to forward.
  2. If you want to forward multiple messages, you can select extra messages after you select the first message.
  3. Tap the Forward icon.
  4. Select the individual chat or group chats you want to forward the messages to.
  5. Tap the Send icon.
How to forward messages in WhatsApp?

Note: WhatsApp also allows you to forward media, contacts, or locations so you don’t have to re-upload them. Any messages you send that aren’t your own outgoing messages will display the “Forwarded” label to you and any recipient receiving the message.


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