WhatsApp increases group call limit

WhatsApp has now confirmed to double the number of participants allowed in the group call. Earlier before the limit was set to 4 participants at a time whether it is group video call or group voice call. But now WhatsApp increases group call limit to 8 participants in both sorts of group calls.

WhatsApp increases group call limit
WhatsApp increases group call limit

Nowadays, the apps which support video conferencing are gaining even more popularity as time goes by. And after WhatsApp announcing this new update, it makes the video calling even more versatile in that space. The company has the data to prove that users all around the world are using WhatsApp more than before making normal calls.

How to make a WhatsApp Group Voice/Video Call with 8 Participants?

The answer to this question lies in the article below. Thus, we suggest you read this article very carefully. So, you don’t miss out on any detail.

If you don’t know how to make a WhatsApp group Voice call or how to make a WhatsApp group Video call, we suggest you read the following articles-

How to make a WhatsApp Group Video call?

How to make a WhatsApp Group Voice call?

In both these articles, we have explained how to make WhatsApp group calls. Now instead of adding 4 participants in a group call just add 8 participants and you are good to go.

The company said in a political statement that “Over the last month, on average people are spending over 14 billion minutes on WhatsApp calls. it’s well above a typical day before the pandemic i.e. COVID 19″. The corporate also said that “just like messages, all the calls on WhatsApp also are protected with end-to-end encryption”.

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Even though WhatsApp has increased the limit of 8 participants but it is still lesser than the limit of Apple FaceTime that allows 32 participants. On the other hand Google Duo allows 12 participants at a time. Skype supports 50 participants. Facebook has recently launched Messenger Rooms which allows 50 participants in a group call, and the Zoom app which became very popular in this pandemic tough times allows 100 people in a group called for free.

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