How to make a video call on WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, the feature of Video Calling lets you do video call your contacts for free. This will work even if your contact is in another country. WhatsApp Video calling utilizes your phone’s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes. Data charges may apply. This means that you won’t be charged for the call. If you have not done it yet and want to know how to make a video call on WhatsApp, then keep reading the article and follow the steps mentioned.

How to make a video call on WhatsApp?

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How to make a video call on WhatsApp?

In order to make a video call on WhatsApp to one of your contacts, follow the steps mentioned-

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap on chat with whom you want to establish the video call connection.

Final Step: Tap the Video call icon present on the top right side of the screen as shown in the image below-

How to make a video call on WhatsApp?

Note: You first must enable internet connection in your smartphone to use this feature. If somehow your net connection doesn’t work and you still try to make a video call then you will see a pop-up error as shown-

Receive a video call in WhatsApp

In case your phone is locked then you will see an incoming WhatsApp video call screen when someone video calls you on WhatsApp. You can then choose from the following:

  • You can either choose to swipe up to accept the call.
  • Or choose to swipe up to decline the video call.
  • Or swipe up to reply  to decline the video call with a quick message.

But if your phone is unlocked then you will see an incoming video call pop-up, where you can either tap on Decline or Answer.


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