Interesting Facts About the Human Body

On Earth, the Human body is one of the most complicated and fascinating living forms. The human body is a beautiful and mysterious machine that has several secrets. In living our lives, we easily forget how amazing things like internal organs, eyes, or even the basic building blocks of life (cells) are, right? Here are some interesting facts about the Human Body that make it special, which you can share with your kids and friends. This will not only increase your knowledge and theirs as well. So, keep reading this article since it is a very interesting blog that will surely blow your mind off.

Interesting Facts About the Human Body

Here are some amazing and interesting facts about the Human Body:

1. Do you know that your heart beats about 100,000 times a day? Yes, you read it right. This means that it sends around 2,000 gallons of blood through the body.

2. The human brain has a memory capacity of more than four terabytes of the hard drive.

3. Do you know that the highest blood flow isn’t in your liver, heart, or your brain? It’s in your kidneys. The reason is that the kidneys are the body’s natural filtration system.

4. If you collect your saliva for a whole year, you can fill two bathtubs. It is yuck but it is true.

5. The skull that protects our brain is made up of 29 different bones.

6. You might not know but the cornea of the eye is the only part of the body that has no blood supply. It receives oxygen i.e. O2, directly from the air.

7. A newborn baby can breathe and swallow at the same time for up to 7 months.

8. The human brain generates more electrical impulses in a day than all the telephones of the world combined.

9. Our heart pumps around 182 million liters of blood during the average lifetime. It is interesting, isn’t it?

10. We know that our hearts beat, right?. But did you know that women’s hearts beat faster than men’s hearts?.

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11. Another interesting fact is that our height is more in the morning than at night. It means you are going to be taller in the morning because of how the cartilage in our bones compresses during the day. This is all because of the earth’s gravity.

12. The average lifetime of a right-handed person is more than a left-handed person.

13. Almost everyone in this planet must have seen a dream at night. But do you know that the average person forgets 90% of their dreams. It means when they wake up in the morning they only remembers about 10% of their dream.

14. If we combine all the blood vessels of a human body then the total length of all the combined blood vessels is going to be about 100,000 km.

15. Our brain sends electrical impulses through nerves. The impulses sent from the brain move at a speed of 274 km/h.

16. Our human body heals injuries own its on but teeth are the only part of the body which cannot heal themselves, ha ha ha ha, that’s they fall out.

17. Did you know that on an average, a person needs at least seven minutes to fall asleep?.

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18. After research, it is found that only 7% of people are left-handed in the world.

19. The human body bones are about 5 times stronger than steel.

20. It is found that people who have blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than others.

21. Our fingernails grows faster than our toenails. You must have seen it too.

22. The strongest muscle in a human body is the tongue.

23. A person who has a habit of smoking and smokes a pack of cigarettes in a day is doing the equivalent of drinking half a cup of tar a year.

24. It is strange but you can lose about 150 calories per hour if you hit your head against the wall. It is really strange.

25. Human beings are the only animals which sleep on their backs.



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