Lockdown 4.0 new guidelines: Latest News

The central government, on Sunday, announced Lockdown 4.0 nationwide till May 31 to spread the infection of COVID19. The MHA has issued Lockdown 4.0 new guidelines to permit the resumption of economic activities. The central government has also allowed considerable relaxations during this round of lockdown- Inter-state movement of vehicles, buses have also been allowed but with social distancing. The central government has put the state government responsible for deciding the Red Zones, Orange Zones, and Green Zones.

Lockdown 4.0 new guidelines: Latest News

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What are the Lockdown 4.0 new guidelines?

In this article, we’ll tell you about new MHA guidelines on Lockdown 4.0. What activities are allowed and what are not? Will Metro rail services start in Delhi? Will schools, colleges, and other educational institutes open or not? Here, you’ll find answers to all or any of these questions.

Activities allowed in Lockdown 4.0

1. The Inter-State movement of vehicles and buses have been allowed with the mutual consent of the concerned States/ UTs. The central government has given States and UTs power. They’re allowed to make a decision whether the Intrastate movement of vehicles and buses should start or not.

2. Auto-rickshaws and cab service also can operate in Lockdown 4.0 but only one passenger is allowed within the vehicle.

3. All shops, except those that are in malls and containment zones, can open. Barbershops and salons also can open.

4. Delivery of non-essential and essential items are going to be allowed through online shopping platforms. Restaurants also can function, but with takeaway facilities.

5. 33% of strength is allowed in offices. But the government is encouraging work from home to scale back the danger of COVID19 infection.

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Lockdown 4.0 new guidelines: Latest News
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Activities that are not allowed in Lockdown 4.0

1. Religious and political gatherings aren’t allowed.

2. Marriage gatherings cannot have quite 50 guests and funerals cannot have quite 20.

3. The night curfew i.e. 7 PM to 7 AM for non-essential services are going to be effective in Lockdown 4.0

4. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes to stay closed.

5. Metro rail services will remain closed.

6. All the international and domestic airlines just in case of any domestic medical services or domestic air ambulance are going to be allowed as permitted by MHA.

7. Within all the containment zones, strict perimeter control must be maintained, and no movement of anyone would be allowed from the containment zones apart from any medical emergency.

Click here to read the full MHA guidelines.

According to the MHA fresh guidelines, “local authorities need to make sure that the shops, and markets open with managed timings to make sure social distancing. Also, all the shops need to ensure six feet distance among the purchasers. The Shopkeepers even have to make sure there aren’t quite five persons at just one occasion.”

MHA said the Lockdown 4.0 fresh guidelines allow States/UTs to stipulate Red, Green, and Orange zones following the parameters set by the Health Ministry.

MHA said “the zones are often a neighborhood or a municipality or maybe smaller administrative units like sub-divisions. Local authorities will demarcate the containment and buffer zones within the Red and Orange Zones.”

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