Best 10 New Features of Android 10

Android 10 is the latest stable version of android. Google launched Android 10 to its Pixel smartphones on September 3, 2019. Android is basically a mobile operating system. It is a modified version of the Linux kernel. It is designed primarily for advanced mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In this interesting article, we are going to show you the Best 10 new features of Android 10. The Android 10 features a number of updates that are much better than its predecessors. These include System Dark mode, better permission controls, smoother navigation controls, better UI, more system security updates delivered through Google Play, etc.

Android 10 was formerly known as Android Q. But Google finally decided to ditch dessert names on August 22, 2019. It has ended the historic practice of naming major versions after desserts.

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Now, lets us show the interesting new features of Android 10.

New Features of Android 10

Live Caption

With your single tap on the volume button and the icon below the volume slider, Live Caption will automatically caption podcasts, videos, and audio messages. This real-time caption is created through on-device machine learning and will appear as soon as speech is detected and all this without ever needing wifi or cell phone data.

Dark Theme

New Features of Android 10
Dark Theme

Finally, Google has given Dark Mode in Android. Dark mode not only protects your eyes but also saves your Smartphone battery (How to Extend the Smartphone battery life?). This new Dark theme mode uses true black to keep your battery alive longer. So far this dark theme is limited to a few specific menus and apps. But in a given time more and more apps are becoming available in a dark mode.

Digital Wellbeing

New Features of Android 10

Digital Wellbeing is a new feature in Android 10 by which you can manage how you spend time on your Android phone.

Apple has already introduced Screen Time to monitor device use in iOS12. With Digital Wellbeing, you can get info about how you spend time on your phone. The Digital Wellbeing dashboard gives you a daily report of how often you check your phone and how frequently you use different apps.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply

Google has made Android 10 smarter about notifications. With Android 10, you will get more than just suggested responses to your messages. You will get the recommended actions too. Suppose, if your friend asks you out to dinner on the text. And he also had mentioned the address in that text. Then your phone will suggest you text “👍🏻”. It will also pull up directions right in Google Maps.

Gesture Navigation

Android 10 has come up with new gestures such as sliding your finger inwards from the screen edge to go back to the previous screen. Google has also slimmed down the navigation bar.

In addition, you can now swipe up from the bottom of your screen to go home, from left to right to go back rather than tapping a button. Also, swipe up and hold to access recently opened apps.

If you are wondering how to get to Google Assistant? Then just swipe diagonally from the right or left bottom of your screen and hold until it appears.

Privacy Controls and Enhanced Location

New Features of Android 10
Privacy Controls

With new Android 10, you’re in control of your privacy and location. It has a new dedicated location section in your phone’s privacy settings. This gives you more control over the location data you share with applications.

This means that you can easily choose to share location data with apps only while they’re in use, all the time or not at all and receive reminders when an app uses their location in the background. There’s also an option available to opt-out of ad retargeting and personalization.

Android 10 Faster Security Updates

New Features of Android 10

Android 10 will get regular and faster security updates. Google is now introducing a Project Mainline in an attempt to push out security and privacy patches straight to a phone. It will be done via Play store for apps and these updates will run in the background and are loaded next time your phone boots up. Thus it will remove the need for a full system reboot as is now the case with Android. Therefore, this means that the apps and the games can be updated while in use without the need to interrupt anything.

Compatible with 5G

This is another great news for the users of Android 10 i.e. it is compatible with 5G technology. It is expected that it will virtually remove streaming lag, opening up the door for real-time video collaboration, multiplayer game streaming and AR/VR-based apps.

Focus Mode

New Features of Android 10

This new Android 10 Focus mode option lets you select apps to pause temporarily. Therefore, if you want to turn off a distracting app that you don’t want and get something done, all you have to do is tap on the option “Turn on now“.

Family Link

You can Set the digital ground rules for your children and help them make healthy habits. By this Family Link mode, you can guide your kids as they learn, play, and explore online. You can also set the screen time limits, view app activity, content restrictions, manage apps, and see where they are.

1. Set screen time limits.

2. Manage what content they see.

3. See the device location.

We hope that you liked this article and have gained something out of it. That’s it for our look at the top Best 10 New Features of Android 10! We’ll be updating the article in the future as Google reveals more big changes for the platform.

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