Verify your WhatsApp Business number

You own a smartphone and use WhatsApp and if you want to verify your WhatsApp business account then you can verify it by following some simple steps. WhatsApp Business is a free app that is available on iPhone and Android devices to download. This was built keeping the small business owner in mind.
To verify your WhatsApp Business number, here is the process you have to follow.

Verify your WhatsApp Business number

What are the Requirements?

  • You can only verify the number that you own. You can either use a mobile number or a landline number and that must be fixed number.
  • The number that you are trying to verify must be able to receive SMS or phone calls.
  • Disable all the call-blocking settings or task-killers apps.
  • Stable and a working Internet connection either that can be either mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • If you are using a landline for verification then you have to tap the “Call me” option to request a phone call the verification code.

How to verify your WhatsApp business number?

In order to get WhatsApp verified business accounts, you have to follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1: First, you have to enter your mobile phone number to verify your WhatsApp business account.

Step 2: Then choose your country from the available drop-down list. After that, your country code will be automatically filled in the box on the left.

Step 3: Then you must enter the mobile phone number in the box on the right. Keep in mind not to put a 0 before your phone number.

Step 4: Tap the NEXT option to receive your verification code. If you are prompted, you can also choose the option “Call me” to receive the code via phone call.

Step 5: Finally, enter the 6-digit verification code that you have received via SMS or phone call. You are done.

Using extension numbers for landline

According to the policy of WhatsApp, landline extension numbers are not supported to complete this verification process. It is not recommended to use a landline number without an extension to verify your phone number.

It is for security purposes that the 6-digit verification code is only sent to the landline number which you want to use for your business account.

Whats if you did not receive the 6-digit verification code by SMS?

1. In this case, you have to wait for the progress bar to finish and retry. This wait time may take up to 10 minutes or more.

2. Kindly, do not try to guess the code or less you will be locked out for a specific period of time.

3. If you run out of time before receiving the verification code, you will then get an option of requesting a phone call.

4. Select the “Call me” option to request the call for verification code.

5. You will then receive a call and an automated voice will give you your 6-digit verification code.

6. Then finally, enter that code into your WhatsApp Business account.

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