WhatsApp’s Latest update to sign into multiple smartphones

Since the day WhatsApp was launched, the team behind WhatsApp has introduced many amazing features that support millions of messages. All of us are aware that in order to use and install WhatsApp, we first need to verify the mobile number. Users receive a passcode via SMS on the same number. They then need to enter this code while installing WhatsApp. But the WhatsApp team has begun testing push notifications that share a passcode on a registered phone in case the account is signed into on a different device. WhatsApp already has mentioned in its FAQ page that push notification is meant for account safety when “someone tries to register a WhatsApp account with your phone number”. In this article, we will tell about an amazing feature of WhatsApp’s Latest update to sign into multiple smartphones simultaneously.

WhatsApp's Latest update to sign into multiple smartphones

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How Does it work?

1. You will receive a registration code via the push notification which will allow you to sign-in on a different device.

2. Then WhatsApp will show a pop-up window inside the app that says: “WhatsApp Registration Code Requested“. The message will appear along with a caution that the code should not be shared with anyone else as it will allow them to access the user’s account. This was first spotted by folks at WABetaInfo.

3. However, this feature is currently available for iOS. Suppose if you try to sign in to an Android device while an account is already running on an iPhone, it will send a push notification on the latter device.


1. WhatsApp has noted that by signing in to multiple smartphones, all previous conversations cannot be accessed on another device. The cloud backup will also not restore your chats on the second device.

2. This is because WhatsApp doesn’t have sufficient information to identify the individual requesting the registration code.

3. Also, the messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored locally, thus, previous conversations cannot be accessed on another device.

Currently, you can access WhatsApp on one device at a time. Although, WhatsApp Web can also be used to chat on PC devices while an account is accessible via the smartphone. If you want to read more about this then you must refer to the below links-

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